From the Imperial Captital of the Inkas, from Cuzco Carmen

For Stephen and all his international readers!  Saludos!

It’s the “dry season” in the Andes, but Pachamama (Mother Nature) is trying to tell us something - starting last week, there has been rain, clouds and more rain.  And the coup de gras was on Sunday when it SNOWED for several hours!  The first snow in Cuzco for almost 20 years - since June 1986!  Everybody was agog - but it did not bode well for the farmers and all the crops that were supposed to be drying in the sun.  Despite what certain Americans think, there is global warming, and the weather all over our beautiful Earth is changing.  It is Winter now, and very cold.  In a city that is mostly stone and then more stone, without the Sun, it is quite cold.  Of course, for somebody who is usually tucked up in a warm house in winter, 35 degrees F. is not much, but here, almost NO ONE has heat, and when it is night time, well, there is nothing to do but be cold, or packed into your bed with a lot of heavy wool blankets.  My little room has a temperature of about 40-45 degrees F in the night - but I have a little heater, and so can bear up when I think I HAVE to take a shower!!!!!

Yesterday I found out that a friend of mine, who I have known over 4 years here, is in a new room (like a cell really) and he has no bed!  He has been sleeping on the floor with only a thin sleeping bag, and so today I went out and got him a mattress to sleep on, with some polar fleece to wrap around him .  How many others in Cuzco sleep on the floor??? It makes me wonder......Life is VERY VERY hard here.  The altitude - over 11,200 feet above sea level, the climate, the terrain....all are a part of a life for me that is a challenge!  I am doing consulting work with a fellow psychologist at a private school here in Cuzco, and am also working with an indiginous women’s project outside of Cuzco.  Both keep me VERY busy.
Stephen asked about the politics here, and that is a subject for next time!  There is little space left, so if anybody has any comments, questions, etc. about life high in the Andes, write here!!!
Yours on a cold cloudy cuzco day....carmen

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