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Girls find dogs more fetching

Kelly Ryan

MUTTS really are man’s best friend. A new poll reveals most blokes believe their dog to be a chick magnet.

A national survey has found 64 per cent of male dog owners believed a woman was more likely to chat with them when they were out with their dog.
About 70 per cent of men surveyed thought women believed dog owners were more caring than non-dog owners.

And more than half of them believe women tend to think them more responsible and sensitive chaps.

The national Newspoll survey reveals dogs may be the ice-breaker between strangers who meet on the street.

A Herald Sun snap street poll yesterday quickly confirmed the study’s findings.

Heathmont mates and dog owners James Noakes and Stephen Williams said women were far more likely to chat to them when they were out with their pets.

“Diesel being a great dane always attracts attention anyway,” Mr Noakes said.

“Because he is so big and distinctive, people will actually chase you down the street to have a chat about him.

“And I love him because he is big and goofy, a bit like me.”

Mr Williams said Ned, his german shepherd-labrador cross, also tended to generate friendly comments.

“Dogs break down any barriers between strangers because they are a great topic of conversation,” he said.

“I believe women in general like animals and, if you have a nice looking dog that is well looked after, they are going to think that you are probably OK as a person,” Mr Williams explained.

“Dogs relax people and they are more likely to stop and have a chat about a dog.”

Zena Archibald stopped and watched Diesel and his owner.

“Dogs are a great reason to stop and have a chat, and I find myself talking to strangers about their pets,” Ms Archibald said.

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