Friggin’ Fraggin’ got me Frazzled

What to do about Sgt. Hassan Akbar

I was torn between using this category or @$$hole, but opted for here just because my subject says he’s Muslim. Not to say that I wouldn’t put Usama, Sadaam, or the Taliban there.
You may remember Bro. Akbar from the begining of this latest invasion of Iraq. When he (allegedly) fragged a tentful of US officers.
Don’t care how y’all may feel about this war, that’s just wrong. I’m tired of these crybabies joining the military, gambling on the chance that this country may go war or not. In light of 911 did Bro. Hassan not think that we would be knocking on the door of some Islamic country? You say,"Well, we shouldn’t be in Iraq anyway”. Do you think that if we threw everything into Afgh… this wouldn’t have happened? Pullleeaze!
I’m suprised it took this long to get to him. In the m’rine corps that I thought I was joinin’ (this wouldn’t include the 4th FSSG SPN), there would have been an investigation, followed by a speedy courtmartial & execution. (In this case the electric couch wouldn’t have been cost effective).
If Bro. Hassan didn’t want to go, why not conscienciously (whew!spelling!) object? He would have still been a crybaby but no one is fragged. Or, he could have gone the John Kerry route and self inflicted a wound.

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