Father who beheaded kids not insane

Now, I am sure that my parent’s thought about this.  But,...as far as I can tell, they didn’t behead me.  I still thought they were crazy sometimes.

Associated Press

BROWNSVILLE—A psychiatrist testified today that she doubts a Brownsville man was insane when he and his common-law wife killed and beheaded three children.

Dr. Mary Anderson, a forensic psychiatrist who interviewed John Allen Rubio for about seven hours on Sept. 15, testified that Rubio’s chronic use of spray paint in the days before the slayings may have induced a psychotic state. But she said all indications were that he knew that what he was doing was wrong.

“Whatever he had at that time, even with the influence of those ... substances, he still knew what he was doing was wrong,” she said.

Rubio, 23, has confessed to the slayings. Defense attorneys are trying to convince the jury that Rubio was insane when he killed the children on March 11. His trial on four counts of capital murder is in its third week.

Angela Camacho, his common-law wife, is awaiting a hearing on whether she is mentally competent to stand trial.

Prosecutors are considering seeking the death penalty if they get a capital murder conviction.

Rubio told investigators that his mother and grandmother were “brujas,” or witches, and that his mother had cast an evil spell the night before the killings that caused demons to possess his children.

Rubio said the possessed children refused to die and that he knew from a movie that the only way to get rid of the spirits was to kill the children and sever their heads.

Dr. William Valverde, in testimony last week for the defense, said he believed Rubio was insane when he committed the crime.

“He still holds out the hope that someone will believe his story, someone will find him credible, somebody will understand what he did,” Valverde said. “He thought he was at the end of the world and the forces of evil were doing battle with the forces of good.”

Anderson said he never told her he thought the world was ending, which she said was just one more inconsistency for the insanity argument.

She said he was “not repeating elements such as the world ending that a delusional person wouldn’t have left out.”

She said Camacho’s telling police that the witchcraft story was fabricated up made her suspicious of Rubio’s claim. She said Rubio’s refusal to take responsibility for the crime, saying Camacho told him to do it and then saying it was witchcraft and maybe drugs were the cause, was more evidence he knew it was wrong.

She said she had viewed the videotaped confession in which Rubio recounts the killing and said Rubio looked “like a drug addict who’s coming down—he’s yawning, he’s beginning to close his eyes.”

Voluntary intoxication is not a legal excuse for committing a crime.

Rubio told Anderson that he had been inhaling paint since his early teens and that in the weeks before he was “not eating, not sleeping, just doing spray.”

He told her that at the time of the killings, he could still feel that the spray was in his system.

Killed were 3-year-old Julissa Quezada, 1-year-old John Esthefan Rubio second, and 2-month-old Mary Jane Rubio.


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