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I just had to post something about this since the spooky day is coming up.  Again, I flagrantly steal from other bloggers.  Read the entire thing here.

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There is no Hell

Since it’s Hallowe’en and time for some spookiness, let’s put an end to this rumor right now:  Hell does not exist.

Okay, so a statement like this does need further explication.  After all, we’re playing games with a concept that’s included in almost every single major world religion.  Now, most people think of “Hell and Brimstone” Christian fundamentalists when they think of Hell:  Jack Chick/Fred Phelps-style preachers who seem to derive a cruel satisfaction from pulling the levers that plummet the wrong-headed into the lake of fire.  After having read about half of the Quran, I’m finding that at least a full third of the verses in that otherwise fascinating holy book are devoted to describing how horrific is the post-mortal doom Allah has set aside for “disbelievers.” Heck, even those peace-loving Buddhists have a hell, and it’s a nasty place.

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