family trouble

about 4 months ago my dad came to live with us because of fals allegations from an adopted daughter that he had touched he in appropriatley.  She has been diagnosed with BP, skitzophrenia, and all around is a sociopath liar… She has told my dads wife that she is doing this stunt just to hurt the familly, especially my dads wife.  My father faces an injust trial from the man, prison time ( if he survice the murdurouse beatings), and a nice bit of 30k for legal fees.  If justice were up to me id linch the bitch in her own back yard with barbed wire, use her for a party pinata, skin her and set some fire ants lose on her flesh.  I am some kind of mad about this.  I never new anger could go this deep.....

the mans photo in my previous post is Michael Ramos.  he is the district Attorny for SB county, also on my list is detective scott childs of the sbpd.

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