Exceed Expectations: 8.05.2005

You could cut corners and still get by. But why would you ever want to settle for merely getting by?

You could do a little bit less than what’s expected of you, and it will probably be okay. But with just a little bit of extra effort, you’ll be able to deliver more than what’s expected.

And when you consistently provide more than what’s expected, you raise yourself to a whole new level of success. By doing just a little more than is necessary, you can achieve a great deal more than you otherwise would have.

Once you’ve done what must be done, that is the time to step forward and do a little bit more. For a modest amount of extra effort can produce a spectacular measure of additional gain.

Instead of being fixated on how little you can get by with, put your energy into discovering how much you can get done. Instead of slowing down when the finish line is in sight, speed up and take advantage of the opportunity to go far beyond it.

Choose to exceed expectations every chance you get. And you’ll never have to worry about merely getting by.

-- Ralph Marston

Posted by loni on 08/05 at 09:58 AM in Poetry

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