elective nominations for nations

as the time draws nie to the eve of the final nominations for the electorial pimp mobile of america.....  i am constantly finding myself thinking (as im sure a good part of america and the UN does) some thoughs that randomly provoke my anger....  I could do that sh@t and i wouldn’t stick a cigar up anybodie yoo-hoo.  I could wage a meaningless war that would sloughter thousands overnight without making the call from the local 69-eers strip club in Cap Hill.

Maybe its just me - Im sure that i have an exhausted labido by now.... but it seems to me that having all those people in your pocket doesn’t make you pim daddy it makes you everybodies .  I think thats been the problem with the majority of our “canidates” and electoral vote.  we in america feel the desire to have somone that is beautifull, vengfull, pure, without a nasty past.... we want a prince charming - every 4 we cry for the peoples b@tch and scream this-and-that about last terms bum.  why not turn to hollywood the actors are much better… just look at fresh prince he can act !!  what about George hamilton?  he looks like a pimp.

maybe its time to adress our ideal interpersonally and with our families… and put an ef-in leader in the seat nobodies somebody that who i want for president!!

Posted by bbeard on 07/07 at 10:02 AM in Blogging

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