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What’s different about these shrimp noodles? They contain no flour, for a start. Served on a smear of smoked yogurt, they are made almost entirely from shrimp.  Served on a smear of smoked yogurt, they are, in fact, made almost entirely from shrimp, not a grain of flour in the mix. It’s the latest innovation from chef Wylie Dufresne, who at 34 has made a name for himself among the culinary elite as a kitchen master who’s willing to employ more than a dash of food science to create his dishes.

The all-shrimp noodles exist thanks to a naturally occurring enzyme that binds together proteins without residue or much water. It’s possible, using what Dufresne calls “meat glue,” to adhere two pieces of protein that were never intended to go together—chunks of pork and duck, say.

“You could make a medieval beast if you wanted to,” Dufresne says.

Dufresne was introduced to meat glue by chef Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck Restaurant outside London—who similarly gained a name for himself by merging food science and haute cuisine. He quickly implemented it throughout his menu.

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