don’t some people just anoy the F(edited) outa U?

well.  i had a boss a few years ago that sent emails this way:....... (which by the way if he were still allive i’d do just about anything to work with him again!)


yep no spaces caps or punctuation! he thought it was a hysterical thing to do, and it was.  it took ceos and cfos mins to dicifer a one line quip.  what a fun and anoying way to get someone to listen to your thoughts.  he was a brilliant mind by the way and held a heart inside of him the size of what must have been a black hole (whats that) so in the spirit of rememberance of my dear friend i don’t use CAPS.  sometimes i dont use puntuation but thats just lazy - really so bust my chops on that one, not the CAPS.

Posted by bbeard on 09/09 at 10:40 PM in Blogging

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