Someone once
Told me
The greatest of all
Expression would be
A scream, a scream a gut wrenching scream
An emotional bellowing pea-soup scream

Well I tried that today
In my own little way
Wanted to say
That id found my own way

ÖÖÖWell I squeaked

I found my voice trapped
Inside what felt like a heart
Dressed in a pinstripe suite with a yellow tie
Tied too tight around my spine

I smelled the fear
Like on a cold night in NY City
When the alcoholic breath demands your wallet
Just from behind the hair on the back of your neck

I felt my voice abandon my soul
Ripping itself from my imaginary flesh
Clearly it new more of my talent
Then my disastrous ego

But my ego, my wonderful and lovely ego.
Heíll tell me its fine
Feed me the lie that makes shame pass
Tell me how beautiful I am
Tell me how smart, how cleaver, how funny
No really brilliantly funny.

So funny those common folk just donít get it.
Heíll show me how to lock the door to my scream
You know ñ just in case.
Wouldnít want anymore shame
Its ok just a scream whatís a scream anyway
Nobody cares anyway ñ its just another scream

Posted by bbeard on 09/30 at 03:37 AM in Blogging

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