David Brian Nuttall

DOB - 10/8/63
Place of birth - Verdun, France

My family has been searching for our brother for over 7 years.  We have no information on his whereabouts other than he was briefly jailed in metro Atlanta in late 1997.  He was put on probation for 2 years and completed that successfully in late 1999.  I tried to contact his probation officer but she died somewhere around 2001.  His physical probation records were sent to a storage facility in Atlanta but no one knows how to find them (at least thatÝs what they told me when I was in Atlanta last year). 

Due to the many outstanding financial judgments against my brother, it would appear he no longer uses his SSN.  I have done all kinds of searches on that number but I have found nothing.  I have used all kinds of resources on the Internet but all I can turn up are old addresses in the MD/DC area that are more than 8 years old. 

My family is desperate to know what has happened to my brother.  All we want to know is that he is alive and well.  If he is not well, we want to do whatever we can to help.  If he is dead, we need to know that as well so that we can deal with our ongoing grief.  In the years since he has been lost to us, we have lost our maternal grandmother and our dad.  On the positive side, my sister and I have added a daughter each to our families.  We want nothing more than for our daughters to know their Uncle David.  If anyone has any tangible evidence on DavidÝs whereabouts, please send confidential and, if required, anonymous info to Jesus said, ýblessed are those who mourn, ...ţ

Posted by Nuttshell on 05/24 at 12:14 PM in Personal

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