Dang bugs!!

Saturday, we went out on a little bike riding adventure towards the bay.  Riding into the wind is different than riding away from the wind as you may suspect.

Riding into the wind is just a little more difficult because of the added wind in your face.  It is more cooling because of the same reason.  Riding against the wind is the exact opposite.  But...the bugs can get to you more easily.

Riding against the wind forces one of New Jersey’s state birds to fly that much faster.  Because of this, they can’t catch up too easily.  But when you ride WITH the wind, they can hitch a ride on the breeze, thereby catching you more easily.  The bird I am talking about is the Green Headed Horse Fly.  These things are big, slow, and relatively easy to kill.  They bite when they land.  Because they land so hard, it is easy to tell when you are the target.  We were the targets Saturday, I was the meal.  I have about ten bites on my legs as I type this.  I must say that scratching my bites would be much better than typing this journal.  I could show some images, but I’d have to take my hands off of the keyboard to get the camera.  Right now, all I want to do it to tear into my for 45 seconds of feverish scratching.

If I haven’t injured myself, I’ll write later.


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