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Cutest Little Shrew in Congress, Slaps Cop

I just love the elitist attitude of someone claiming to be representing the regular man.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before we heard from Cynthia [I think I’m untouchable] McKinney again. Not for any political accomplishment nor anything debated in congress. Instead, we gotta hear about her not wanting to stop to be recognised by people entrusted to guard the capitol bldg.
As I understand it, congresspersons don’t have to walk through metal detectors and they wear some kinda, oh I don’t know, I.D. [yeah that’s it]. Ms. McKinney regularly DOESN’T wear her’s and most guards recognise her and let her through. [I guess it’s tough being the new guy]. This particular incident, she walks around the detectors [sill wearing no pin] and isn’t recognised, is repeatedly asked to stop, and when failed to do so, the officer tries to stop her and is then slapped.

Man! I wish she’d have tried that at a Marine Corps installation. The video of them taking her down would be priceless.

The Dems will probably spin it as police brutality. The Black Power elite will probably spin it as another racial profiling incident on a poor defenseless black woman. I want her taken to jail! Preferably Abu Ghraib!

Posted by cricket on 03/30 at 08:37 AM in Blogging

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