Corporations and the tricks they play.

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There is expression in the law called a"sharp practice.” That’s the “improper use of tricky and/or dishonorable means barely within the law.” In labor law that “barely within the law” means that an action might squeeze under a literal interpretation of a contract or past practice, but clearly violates what was bargained.  AT&T’s wizards have been working overtime to “sharp practice” our agreement.  Since they know they are not supposed to contract our OUR work to contractors their scam is call the work “management work,” then contract it out and then deny a contract violation.

They did this in Conyers, they did it in Lake Mary and, in our Local, in NYC when they moved our GobalNMC work to AT&T Solutions and our Piscataway ATM and Frame Relay work to management.  Seeing that the arbitration process takes years, they are now trying it nationwide.  Right now there are ads out for so-called “Network Engineers” to take over a large portion of our work in the NMCs.

So what do we do when this happens? Some are taking the jobs just to keep working and are giving up a big piece of their benefits and their rights under a Union contract.  That is clearly not a solution for most of us.  The next question has to be: if the Company has “sharp practiced” us in a way that the grievance and arbitration procedure is no longer a viable way to resolve an issue - do we have to look for other means?

While you think about that also think about the election coming up in November.  If Bush is re-elected and we have to go to the Labor Board or the courts over this and other issues like it, we can be assured that decision will always come down on the side of the bosses.  It’s already started and will get worse. We’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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