christmas lights

ok now i didn’t fall off the ladder exactly.....and I’ve learned that stapling up the lights work the best - regardless of what the wife says.

so its that time of year and you all know whats coming.  the mans (husbands) duty to rig up the badword christmas lights.  now i love looking at christmas lights- really! and i think done moderatley they can be beautiful and add to the spirit of the winter-solstice/kawanza/new year/ christmas/ etc etc.

so i thought i would be clever this year and rig them up with small plastic tabs i can leave up year round and just hang the lights - take ‘em down and re hang them from the fixture next year.... ok so the stapler splits the plastic so thats out and it sucks anyway cause you cant get them tight, so i think - badword ill just staple them up like i always do and if they dont like how the lights are hung they can do...(blah, blah,blah) ok so your with me right?

so i get them up and they look nice they are the icicles kind.  so i notice an area that is saging a little after ive run the power, turned them on, and tested - ok?  so’s i get up there to correct the sag and blam-o after trying to staple it back up all of a sudden im hanging 2-stories from the christmas lights still stapled into the eves.  so i look up and thwack-thwack thwack they start comming out i start lurching to the ground.  I pissed my pants and everything ‘cause of the shock and stuff so i get on the groud turn around and this neigbor lady is standing right there.  me in my pissed pants- so she asks me if i need some help.  and tells me i shouldnt be stringing them up by myself because accidents do happen.  afterall it looked like i had done a nice job.....

so i stapled all back up with the power OFF

Posted by bbeard on 11/26 at 04:22 PM in Religion / Sprituality

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