Chandra Leigh Brown says, “Everyday Is A Celebration!”

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That is what I do EVERYDAY I wake up—I celebrate!  On May 3, 2002, I was in a horrible car accident.  While driving alone, I was struck by a hit-and-run driver.  The impact was so hard that I was ejected from the passenger’s window and flown airborne over 50 feet.  While on life support for nearly a month, doctors instructed my family that I would NEVER have use of my right arm.  I was told that my right arm saved my life because I used it to break the impact from the fall.  I tell you, “God Is Good!” About two years ago, the pin was removed (see photo holding pin).  Today, my arm is completely healed.  On occasion, I engage in a game of basketball and will soon shoot a game of pool.  Both are my special vices.

Although my life has been spared, it has forever been changed.  You see, I am a 38 year old African-American woman living with a brain injury.  Things that were once second nature have become challenging.  Particularly in the area of employment.  I have over five years of college education (I changed my major a couple of times).  I was in the Who’s Who of America’s High School Students.  I was very active in African-American social and civic organizations.  I exhibit both a leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.  Before my accident, I had planned on becoming a forensic pathologist.  However, today, I now stutter when I get excited, my attention span is not as strong and processing information takes more time than before.  Despite all of these new challenges, my health is better than most and my spirit has not been broken.

I have had many people help me through my recovery.  My best friend Annetter (who is now deceased-breast cancer), visited me everyday when I was on life support.  I was told that she would pray and not engage in talk with others during her entire visit.  Some family and many friends were instrumental in my recovery.  Particularly, my doctors and my partner, Janet.  Janet encouraged me to keep a daily journal.  This journal along with the encouragement of friends has been instrumental in me writing my autobiography.  In 2006, I was named The International Chairperson for Disabled Individuals for the Oprah Winfrey for Nobel Peace Prize Movement.  I will continue to fight for Oprah to win such a deserving award.

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