california girl

just to show how wacky califorbia really is - just after the wacky 50 degree wetaher and multiple storms that sent homs and hills surfing dows the hill-sides in comes a great high pressure area and high 80’s and every one heads to the beaches like they have no cares ; aw… the heck with the house that teatering on the brink of disaster and the red tag that will no doubtedly make us homeless lets go to the beach!

it seams red tags and property values are whats in the news most these days in california - besides all the land slides and mudslides housing just keep disappearing and gowing at a greater premium.... rent houses just went up from 1500 - 1700 a month in my neigborhood and thats san berdoo can you imagine what folks are payin if their needs are in Beelair?

Posted by bbeard on 03/12 at 07:06 PM in West Coast

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