Budget “Poorsche” buildoff!

I’ve just done the figuring and re-figuring finger, stump and toe-counting.  According to my calculations and estimates of the modifications over the stock configuration on the new Whip are as follows:

Horse power= 213.28 at the crank
Torque =224.14 at the crank

stock HP power = 172 / stock TQ = 181

Modifications are:
Removal of the restrictive factory exhaust system and installation of a custom 2.5” cat-back piping into dual Magnaflow (mufflers) and by custom stretching I used the stock tips to stay “factory” to keep the Po-Po off my back-side and keep the power a surprise to unfortunate “victims”

Special order K-and-N intake.  Utilizes factory CAI but increases efficiency compounded with the exhaust by 12-17%; alone by only 4-7% still a power booster and mileage saver any way you look at it K-and-N has ALWAYS worked on ALL of my vehicles!

Thats about an even 24% increase over stock accross the board.  I’ve noticed just with only 1 tank of gasoline a 3.5 mpg INCREASE and that is WITH spirited driving.  I’m assuming that I will increase my savings if I lighten my foot.  Power is effortless now and it really pins you back in the seat on acceleration.  Whats nice is, that it’s a sports coupe with an alluminum V-6 when it’s time to run the A/C you don’t have to sacrafice power anymore, there is more than enough torque to go around!  If your at a stop light and some one is challenging you - rev it to 3k but no more! any more than 3k with the new modifications and I’ll smoke the tires right off the rims, it’ll just sit and spinn - 1st gear 6k bam, 2nd gear 6k still smoken, 3rd gear 6k still smoken lots of power!!

The increase in power also translates to a 2 sec decrease in the 0-60 times and the quarter mile lap time as well.  This puts the car at home in the same stable as the Porsche 911, Corvette, Nissan 350Z-Track, Subaru Imprezza WRX-STI, and Infinity G35 sport coupe and at a fraction of the cost.  What is nice is the Whip came with most everything standard - I’ll post pix 2 marrow as the paint is done.  The moonroof, anti-lock brakes, custom interior, aftermarket stereo system (important for hooking up those amps) aluminum racing pedals, titanium trim, Super light factory alloys, and Michelin pilots for an extra stickey compound, side curtain air bags (that also protect rear passengers), passenger air bag, steel reinforced beamhuge vented front brakes with red front calipers,

The quater mile time and speed go from a respectable 15.9 @87.6 mph to an even more respectable mph.  the slalom speed stays the same, 66.3 mph untill I lower and brace it then that will put it in super car g-force grip territory of arround 75 mph on the slalom and g-skid pad of around 1.25 g’s

Stable Spechs

2005 Hyundai Tiburon SE (Tuscani 2.7 Elisa) Price as testing = $21,000.00, 0-60 time = 5.6, slalom speed = 66.3 MPH, QTR mile , around town ACTUAL 23 MPG (spirited driving!)

Acura NSX, list price = $92,000.00, 0-60 time = 5.0 sec, slalon speed = 65.8 MPH,
QTR Mile , 18.4 MPG

Chevy Corvette, List price $58,000.00, 0-60 time = 4.8 sec, slalom speed 65.5,
QTR Mile MPH, town mpg = 14mpg

Infinity G35 Sport Coupe, Price $34,010.00, 0-60 time = 5.9 sec, slalom speed 66.7 mph,
QTR Mile 14.4 @ 100.6 MPH, Hiway MPG 18.4

Nissan 350Z track, Price $35,000.00, 0-60 time = 5.8 secs, slalom speed = 67.3 MPH
QTR Mile 14.4 @ 99.7MPH, claimed 21.0 hiway

Porsche Boxster, Price $51,000.00, 0-60 time = 6.0 secs, slalom speed 68.6 MPH,
QTR Mile 14.6 @ 96.5 MPH, claimed 21mpg hiway

Porsche 911, base price $85,000.00, 0-60 time = 5.0 secs, slalom speed = 65.5 MPH,
QTR MIle 13.5 @ 104.9 MPH, claimed hiway MPG is 19.0

Toyota Celica-GTS, Price $26,000.00 base, 0-60 time = 6.8 secs, slalom speed = 63.6 MPH
QTR Mile 15.4 @ 91.5 MPH, 24.7 claimed hiway mpg

Subaru Impreza WRX-STI, Base Price $33,000.00, 0-60 time = 4.9, slalom speed = 68.4 MPH
QTR Mile 13.3 @ 103.0 MPH, 20.10 claimed hiway MPG

Volkswagen Golf-R32, Price $31,000.00 base, 0-60 time =5.8 secs, slalom speed = 66.1 MPH
QTR Mile 14.1 @ 99.2 MPH, Claimed Hiway MPG of 19.0

When I did my research I was surprised to see that the times and spechs were so close to my car and the porsche 911.  With another couple of thousand investedinto things such as headers, programable ECU’s, blower kits, larger throttle bodies; I’ll easilly be smoking the tires off the competition such as a corvette ZO6, maybe even a turbo 911?!!  all the rice racers out there make way for the big dog, woof

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