Rapper responds to verbal bullets fired last week by Lil’ Romeo’s daddy, Master P.

*You knew it was coming. Rapper Bow Wow wasn’t about to sit quietly while the father of his rival, Lil’ Romeo, talked smack about him and suggested that success has gone to his 19-year-old head.

“I can’t understand all this, but I guess that’s how it is when you ain’t getting no attention,” Bow Wow told “You can hear me on the radio all day, every day. You [Lil’ Romeo] can’t sell no records, and your daddy is on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’”

The beef apparently has roots in Bow Wow’s last single, “Fresh Azimiz,” which proclaims that he’s “18 and making more than your dad.” Master P felt that line was aimed directly at his son. 

“The crazy part is the line that got them all bent outta shape was an old LL line (from 1987’s “The Do Wop”). That shows how much they know about hip hop.”

As previously reported, Master P confirmed to that the artists ran into each other backstage at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Award show, on April 1. According to the No Limit mogul, Bow Wow refused Romeo’s efforts to discuss their tensions and instead, went back to his trailer. 

In P’s interview, he suggested that Bow Wow step into a boxing ring with his son and settle their beef in an old-fashioned fist fight to be aired on Pay-Per-View, with all proceeds donated to charity.

In response, Bow Wow said: “If Romeo wanna make some real money, come sign with me. Then, he wouldn’t have to pull these stunts ‘cause there ain’t No Limit over here.”

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