People should realize that shooting poison into their bodies is kinda dangerous.

December 1, 2004—Maybe it’s ironic justice, a doctor suspected of giving patients poisonous Botox shots lies in a New Jersey hospital, gravely sickened by one of his own treatments.

Dr. Bach McComb, 47, was in the critical-care unit of the Bayonne Medical Center yesterday.

At the time he gave himself and three others the alleged bad Botox injections, McComb’s medical license was suspended amid charges he had illegally dispensed painkillers from a medical clinic in Sarasota, Fla.

Two of McComb’s patients at that clinic died from overdoses of the pills he gave them, authorities say.

One of McComb’s employees, who allegedly also got a poisonous cosmetic shot last week, is also a patient at Bayonne.

She and the doctor were visiting friends in New Jersey when they became ill.

Two other alleged McComb patients, a couple in their 50s, remain in a Florida hospital.

McComb, an osteopath, and the three remained in critical condition yesterday, health officials said. Bill Sanderson

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