beetch dadi!

Today Trinity and I went to the beetch and played with the horseshoe crabs, Spirling, Minnows, sand, hermit crabs, and other yucky sea life.  The tide was coming in when we got there and we were able to enjoy the low water level in some areas of the beetch.

There were locals there catching fish and shrimp for bait that they will use for fishing tomorrow.  There were sooo many shrimp in the shallow water being pushed into the marshland with the tide.  It was interesting to me to see tiny shrimp and fish riding the tide.  Be gentle, I am a fella that is still “green” to this area.

Perhaps tomorrow, I will try and post some more recent images of us.

It is HOT here.  Although the breeze did just start to pickup and cool the interior of the house to below 90 degrees.  If anyone wants to volunteer to come and fan us, we would appreciate it immensely.

We do have some electric fans in the house that are being used now.  I have a small cicular fan that acts as if it has the Napoleon complex.  It blows air soo fast that it takes an effort to sleep in front of its wind-tunnel-ness.  SAM likes the fan that was given to us by Alondra because it oscillates.  I don’t like it because of that fact.  It does have a knob that will let it blow in one direction.  I figure that if you want the fan to blow air over your body, aim it towards you.  If you don’t want it to blow air over your body, aim it elsewhere.  Duh!  Just like in a car with air vents.  Aim them on you to get dry eyeballs, away from you to avoid an eyedrop dependency.

C’est la Vie!


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