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BED Atlanta is located at 110 Marietta Street in the Glenn Hotel. BED serves breakfast Mon - Fri, 6am to 10am, lunch Mon – Fri, 11am to 3pm, and brunch Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 3pm. Dinner is served between 5pm & 11pm Sunday through Thursday, and from 5pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. The rooftop deck is open from 11am to 2am, seven days a week. For more information about BED Atlanta, or any of the other BED locations, call
(404) 222-7992.

Head to BED
by Lexi Tabback

A few weeks ago, the dining concept that spawned a million sexual innuendos made its third home in Atlanta; making it that much easier to get your date in BED. BED (insert Harajuku-like giggles here), with successful locations in both Miami and New York, has been luring celebrity A-listers to its sheets since its inception in 1999. Atlanta’s version of the break-bread boudoir is a tri-level space that resides in Atlanta’s first boutique hotel, the Glenn Hotel, right in the heart of downtown.

All three levels of lounging and dining at BED (Beverage Entertainment Dining) are intended to convey the same sensuality that is usually reserved strictly for the bedroom. In other words, everything from the color of the walls, to the texture of bar top, oh - and the fact that guests literally dine on plushy tempurpedic mattresses, is designed to make you feel a little less ‘Charlotte,’ and a little more ‘Samantha.’

Nestled on the first two levels are cozy dining areas that change throughout the day to service breakfast, lunch and dinner. As night unfolds, so do “Murphy” beds which reveal a wood wall with an illuminated laser cut pattern of botanical imagery. The roof of the Glenn is the third level of BED, and just to put the decorative pillow on the proverbial 300 thread-count Egyptians, this area invites guests to recline on opulent day beds while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Atlanta skyline.

As guests enter BED Atlanta, they will be invited, as the divine Mae West would say, to slip into something a little more comfortable. Now don’t get your blankets all in a jumble, the ‘something comfortable’ is a specially designed pair of slippers, and the only things you’ll be taking off are your shoes.

After said shoe-removal, guests are led to one of the unique bed platforms to feast on French-American contemporary cuisine prepared by Chef Vitor Casassola (the culinary crackerjack behind BED Miami and BED New York). Some of BED’s signature plates include pan seared foie gras served with caramelized mangos, French toast and cranberry gastric, and the Caribbean lobster tail served with roasted pineapple, celery and grape tomatoes with a coconut cashew ginger sauce.

You can put another notch in the restaurant’s bedpost for its innovative alcoholic concoctions. Resident bar chefs Willy Shine and Aisha Sharpe worked with Dale DeGroff (who is better known as the ‘King of Cocktails’ due to his extraordinary technique and over 20 years of tending bar) to create a clever and incomparable drink menu. Having hand crafted over 400 original recipes, reinventing classic cocktails is DeGroff’s specialty. Some of BED’s heavily-praised and adorably-named signature cocktails include Pussy Galore “Dream On…..You Tiger, You,” and Bed Knob “Add Another Notch On the Bedpost….Yeah Baby.”

In addition to providing an opportunity to loll around on super-soft cotton while dining on delicious cuisine and sipping chi-chi cocktails, BED offers traditional tables and chairs for those individuals who are not interested in the idea of being in bed with their present dining company. An understandable notion, considering most of us are fairly selective when choosing a BED partner.

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