I was feeling my muse as I do sometimes and well you will understand.


What is beauty?
Is it skin deep? Is it the color of skin, the texture of hair, the shape of hips, bulging biceps?

What is beauty?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so they say.
But who says what beauty is anyway

Beauty could be the sunrise
Birds flying across the sky

Beauty could be a baby’s smile and the light in their parent’s eye.

What is beauty?

Is there a real definition or meaning?
Who’s to say that what is beautiful to me may not be beautiful to others or others shouldn’t think it beautiful.
Who determines the worth of beauty?

Is beauty a standard by which we all must live and strive to achieve or are we content to be happy with who we are and find beauty every day around us.

What is beauty other than a standard that some shallow man or woman somewhere decided to judge the world by to see if we all can measure up.

Beauty to me is a state of mind, because beauty can be found in the smallest and simplest of places

Beauty is in a kiss, a look, the sky, the earth, people

Beauty is God and it is love. Beauty is what the world is made of
If everyone conformed to a standard what type of world would this be?

One without beauty.

© March 2, 2007 Alondra Reid

Posted by loni on 03/02 at 03:07 PM in Poetry

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