back to the dentist again

kids have messed-up teeth....

I have another apointment for one of my sons 2marrow in the morning.  a dental appointment.  we as a family have seemed to be spending a great deal of time there as of late.  me with my 4 appointments for deep root scaling, eva with a crown and repair, stephan with a clean and pollish and ortho consultation after a full work-up of course and it was my opinion anyway that he was 2 yound to be thinking about getting braces anyway....thats what the ortho dr said.....and william with hiis double fitting for a bite-mold thingy and now a double spacer after a tooth removal.

i think dentists are crooks.  they make fake unneccessary appointments for you that you are terrified to cancel because -well of course your teeth will fall out.  i think they all run a scam - i want to be a dentist

Posted by bbeard on 11/25 at 04:27 AM in Personal

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