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Dear Lisa,
My 17 yr old son’s more interested in the arts than in athletics, seems to have no interest in girls, and doesn’t have many male friends at school or church.  With all the publicity about homosexuality today, we can’t help but worry our son could be gay. What should we do?

You jsut described my husband, Steve, as a 16 year-old.  He was first chair in band, never dated, and spent more time working and studying than hanging out with guys.  today we have a healthy 16 year marriage and three wonderful children.  so just because your son doesn’t resemble the stereotypical highschool boy doesn’t mean he’s gay.

two common threads exist among those who struggle with homosexual tendancies.  first- does your son exhbit any signs of childhood molestation orincest?  if you suspect this is the case i advise you to seek help from a local christian counselor.

then look at the father/son and or mother/daughter relationship.  does your son feel accepted by his fatyer?  is your husband a jock who rejects or even ridicules your sons interest in the arts? perhaps your son’s father isn’t even in the picture, either by divorce, absence, death, or passivity.

The father holds the key to reafirming a boys manhood.  without that blessing, a gaping hole is left in a young mans life.  fortunaltley, a healing substitute often can be found in a strong father figure.  if not, some young men can attempt to canibalize other men through homosexual action to fill that void.

I know from personal friendship it’s possible for someone who struggles with homosexual temptation or who has embraced that kind of lifestayle to find freedom and strength to change.  the answere is found in receiving redemption through Jesus Christ.  From there I reccommend logging onto [url=][/url] or [url=][/url] for further information and direction.

source ~Todays Christian Woman Sept/Oct issue, Lisa Welchel ( You probably recognize Lisa Whelchel as the actress who portrayed Blair on the ‘80s hit sitcom The Facts of Life)

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