Another solution.

Part of the problem, B is that hardly anyone that TRULY has the qualities of being a good president (honesty, morality, modesty, forethought, et. al) doesn’t want to be president. 

Those people don’t want to surround themselves with the corruption and debauchery that defines “The Hill”. 
Those people don’t have the desire to lie in order to be a figure head. 
Those people don’t want to be a part of the system. 

They want to be APART FROM the system. 

They realize that the system stinks and is too large to change within four years.
The people that I would want to be president are the people that I share interests and debts with.  The people that work everyday know what it takes to make this country great.

It’s just too bad they you and I aren’t listened to unless we “go along” with them.

badword that!

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