and it ain’t over yet horrifying stats of cali’s fires

CEDAR FIRE, San Diego County: 14 people dead, 233,192 acres burned, 1,060 homes destroyed. Started Oct. 25, apparently by lost hunter setting a signal fire. Air traffic nationwide was disrupted when flames forced evacuation of a Federal Aviation Administration control center. 15 percent contained.
DULZURA FIRE, San Diego County: No deaths, 46,291 acres burned, one home, five outbuildings and 11 structures damaged. Started Oct. 26, cause under investigation. Contained. Briefly burned across border into Tijuana, Mexico.

PARADISE FIRE, San Diego County: 2 people killed, 50,000 acres, 111 homes and 100 outbuildings destroyed. Started Oct. 26, cause under investigation. 20 percent contained.
GRAND PRIX FIRE, San Bernardino County: No deaths, 50 homes destroyed, 68,463 acres. Started Oct. 21, blamed on arson. 25 percent contained.
OLD FIRE, San Bernardino County: 4 people killed, 800 homes, 10 commercial buildings destroyed, 28,204 acres. Started Oct. 25, blamed on arson. 10 percent contained.
SIMI VALLEY, Ventura and Los Angeles counties: No deaths, 16 homes and 64 outbuildings destroyed, 102,089 acres. Started Oct. 25, cause under investigation. 35 percent contained.
VERDALE FIRE, Los Angeles County: No deaths, 8,680 acres. Started Oct. 24, blamed on arson. Contained.
PADUA FIRE, Los Angeles County: No deaths, 59 homes destroyed, 9,446 acres. Separated from Grand Prix fire in San Bernardino County. 50 percent contained.
CAMP PENDLETON, San Diego County: No deaths, 9,000 acres. Started Oct. 21 on the Marine base, cause under investigation. Contained.
PIRU FIRE, Ventura County: No deaths, three homes and three outbuildings destroyed, 55,812 acres. Started Oct. 23, cause under investigation. 20 percent contained. Damaged small corner of Sespe Wilderness and Sespe Condor Sanctuary, but no condors are currently in the refuge.
MOUNTAIN FIRE, Riverside County: No deaths, 21 homes destroyed, 9,742 acres. Started Oct. 26, cause under investigation. Contained.

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