Am I the only black person that hates just about everything that R Kelly does?

I heard that R Kelly sang the Star Spangled Banner at the Bernard Hopkins, Jermaine Taylor fight this past weekend.  It seems that R Kelly invited his family to ‘step’ into the ring while he sang the opening song because they all started acting like fools while dancing to the opening song.

I love this country.  I love our constitutional rights that our government seems intent on taking away from us.  However, I’m embarassed by what I’ve heard about this.  How do Mo-Fo’s DANCE during that song?  How does someone think to themselves, “Hey Pookie, that “Star Spangled Banner” is kinda dope.  I think I will dance to it.  Please join me as I boogie to this solemn song.”?

The Constitution gives us certain inalienable rights, those rights do NOT include the right act like an asshole and embarass oneself.

Here is the only account I’ve been able to read about this embarassingly low-class, dancing event, ”I wish that R. Kelly had remained “Trapped in the Closet,” if only so that he’d have been prevented from butchering “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Whose underage daughter did the crooner urinate on to get that gig?

Somebody send me a link to the video so that I can have a true opinion about the spectacle.

Posted by SPN on 12/05 at 02:29 PM in Celebrity

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