Almost a week and no update.

Here’s the scoop. 

Yesterday, I got a phone call from my brother, Patrick.  We talked at length about his future business plans surrounding his calligraphy.  I made a sample flash screen at Check it out.  It is just some code I found on the web.  When he gets his computer online, I hope he will look at it and like it.  I’ve got some other stuff planned for his site.

I’ve been too busy playing some computer games to take time out to update the site.  The two games I’ve been playing are Uplink and Galactica AD.

Uplink is kinda cool, ‘cuz you play the part of a cyber-terrorist/hacker/cracker/spy.  You have to break into other companies computers and access files for various purposes.

Galactica, is a turn-based game that pits your galactic stellar expansion against either computer foes or other human players.  I think I like it better that Uplink. 

I’ll post something else later,

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