Alfred E. Neuman For President
On the Issues:

* Guaranteed Health Care: ban all HMO’s and medical insurance. Outlaw the American Medical Association. Change the medical deductions on the 1040 to 100%. Result: People will shop for their medical needs, thereby reducing inflated prices of pharmaceuticals, laboratories, doctors, and hospitals. After all, medical insurance is designed to guarantee that the medical industry be paid, not that people receive adequate treatment.
* Social Security: Since when?
* Education: The Government should stay out of it. Government interference only perpetuates existing stupidity.
* Welfare: Get a job.
* National Security: Who would be stupid enough to invade the U.S.? And what would they do with us if they won? Would it be any worse than what we have now?
* Congress: Cut salaries to what these idiots are worth. Minium wage for entry level.
* Protecting the public from itself: The government has no business interfering in people’s lives or protecting us from our own stupidity.
* Lobbyists and Special Interests: Tax all cash flow at 50%.
* Tax all religious institutions that engage in politics. (separation of church and state works both ways) Equal Rights: Get over it.
* Personal Income Tax: Dump it. Flat tax corporations 50% of gross with no deductions

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