AFROMEXICO Project in Albuquerque

April 7
Film Series/Ciclo de Cine
[This is the first in a series of film exhibitions curated by Gene Grant, noted journalist and film critic./La primera en un ciclo de cine organizado por Gene Grant, renombrado periodista y crítico de cine.]
“A Tree from Two Separate Seeds,” by Trifari White (2001, U.S., 5 min).  An experimental examination of the director’s African-Mexican roots; a colorful journey of two seeds planted to produce a woman who is grounded by the Orishas and her ancestors.
“La Raíz Olvidada” (The Forgotten Root), by Rafael Rebollar, (2001, Mexico, 50 min, Spanish with English subtitles). Documentary details the history of Mexico’s often overlooked African populations and argues that Mexico’s famous mestizaje must include the important contributions of African groups. Mr. Rebollar will be present to discuss his film./Este documental trata con las historias, poco conocidas, de los pueblos afro-mexicanos y sus importantes contribuciones al mestizaje mexicano. El Sr. Rebollar estará presente para discutir su documental.

4 p.m.
Wells Fargo Auditorium, National Hispanic Cultural Center
FREE Admission/Entrada GRATUITA

July 14
Film Series/Ciclo de Cine
“The Underground Railroad in Mexico,” by Curtis Muhammad (U.S., 2004, 30 min, English).  Documents stories of those of African descent in Mexico, based on a series of ‘story circles’ where participants sat together in their community and told stories about their experiences.
“La Tercera Raiz” (The Third Root), by Rafael Rebollar (Mexico, 1992, 30 min, Spanish with English subtitles). Documentary focuses on daily life and cultural traditions of Afro-Mestizos living in the Costa Chica, area of Mexico’s Pacific Coast./Este documental explora la vida cotidiana y tradiciones culturales de los afro-mestizos de la Costa Chica, area de la costa pacífica.
“De Florida a Coahuila: Historia de Los Mascogos” (From Florida to Coahuila: History of the Mascogos), by Rafael Rebollar (Mexico, 2002, 48 min, Spanish with English subtitles). The remarkable story of a rebel people, the Mascogos, known in the United States as the Black Seminoles, who resettled along both sides of the Mexican border./Una historia iluminante de un grupo de rebeldes, los Mascogos, conocidos en Estados Unidos como Seminoles Negros, quienes se establecieron en la frontera méxico-estadounidense.
4 p.m.
Wells Fargo Auditorium, National Hispanic Cultural Center
FREE Admission/Entrada GRATUITA

Todo por el momento,

Eduardo Díaz
Executive Director
National Hispanic Cultural Center
1701 4th St. S.W.
Albuquerque , NM 87102
(505) 246-2261

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