A Praise To The Black Woman

Here I am trying to get my homework done and I get a message in the midst of all of this telling me I’m slacking and not posting poetry.  You know who you are!

A Praise To The Black Woman. 

Who is this shell of a woman I see walking down the street?

She is the shadow of a woman left behind.  She hangs her head to block out her misery, the pain of rejection, the sting of hurt she has felt for so long.

She has no home, no past, no present, no future.  No one to help or lend a hand.  She struggles from day to day feeling each bump and bruise on the road of life hoping someone will be there with a light, or just the ointment to ease the pain.

She lifts her head and smiles for she is not really alone, her struggles are not her own but part of a greater plan.  She speaks with a confidence the belays her years, the wisdom seeping from her pores.

She is an island unto her self taught to be this way, molded to be strong, to forge ahead no matter what life throws her way.

She raises her daughters to be women of virtue her sons to stand tall and be strong.  Never give up or give in because God has a more divine aspiration for all.  By falling victim to her circumstance she will only delay all the plans, blessing that are in store for her.

Still she walks with head hung low in times of trouble but with smiles when times are glad. This woman, this being who sees all and can still shine in the face of adversity.  Who is this woman you may ask that continues on lifeí³ journey never missing a beat but singing praises and learning not to break but bend with the wind.  This woman is truly unparalleled.  She is astounding to behold.  She is the mother of nations, a queen.  The black woman.

Posted by loni on 09/05 at 08:58 PM in Poetry

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