A Poem

Since I was asked to post some of my poetry I’m going to put it down the only way I know how.  This is the first poem I was brave enough to read at the Live Poets Society Open Mic Night.  Got me noticed to say the least!  It’s called Appeal, I wrote it about a fellow poet (friend).

What is it about you that is so appealing? Is it your walk, your talk, your attitude, the persona of you?  Could it be that you are a mystery whose pages I wish to read and unravel. 

I’ve been trying to figure it out for some time but the reason escapes me because you just are… just so appealing�to me. 

You exude sex appeal from every aura of your body and you do it unintentionally.  Mentally you stimulate me and take me to another plane � and challenge me with new thoughts and ideas.  Physically you set my soul on fire and make me burn with a desire so intense that it sometimes scares me but still you remain cool. 

I want to wrap you up inside my warmth to feel all my depths and what I have to offer.  I�m not talking physically if you think that�s what I�m after.  I want to drown in the very essence of your being�being in your presence as you pulsate����with life. 

There are layers to my soul that no one has completely uncovered.  But your appeal is so strong that it compels me to free my mind, body and soul.  I�d like to be a lover of your mind, and heart because the physical comes in time.  The attraction is brought on by you because you just are, as I�ve said before.  It�s not lust� that I know for sure because that passes as quickly as the wind but each time you speak you capture my mental and truly that is hard to find.

What is it about you brother?  Man that stands like a king in a nation filled with dreams.  I love when we talk because its always of substance, relaying our goals and hopes, seen and unseen. 

I�m still trying to figure out the appeal.  What is it that you do to me?  The idea just isn�t revealing itself� to me.  I think you know you have this what else do I call it but �sex appeal that you don�t try to turn on but comes naturally its inevitable that we were to meet. 

You see the thought of sharing a moment with you or a conversation or two was so appealing that I couldn�t get it off my mind.  You were so in tune with my thoughts and feelings I felt like I�ve known you for a lifetime but that�s not the case so I must be satisfied with just being able to be in your space and you in mine until such time those spaces either join or pass.  I�ve watched you from afar and known that you were different from the very start so much that it didn�t take a moment or even a consideration to know that meeting you was right but our circumstances keeps us apart. But � the appeal is still there.  I see it for what it is after pondering it for so long.  Its something so simple made so strong by friendship.  Its what I knew I needed all along. 

Posted by loni on 07/09 at 08:57 PM in Poetry

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