A bike my momma would love… well not really

well seriously folks ( and P i think your here too) i saw this guys wares on the discovery channel last night, and I have to tell you I am really impressed!  The presence is slung low sort - of ... like a growling hulking bull dog.  every detail is taken the gloss black and the scuffed alluminum finish… man i can really see myself on this one.  It’s a rider not a trailer queen, its sexy....like a bullit, not an over inflated plastic barbie....it’s metal there is no question, its bad-to the bone.. there is no question - its all go, no show.....yet clean and sofisticated in a brooding-artist sort of way.....see for yourselves and at 38k i think i’ll rethink my corvette order



Posted by bbeard on 06/24 at 10:44 PM in Blogging

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