1st The Chick on the Roller Coaster, Now This!

Why are hairy legs on a woman a turn on?

Minding my own biz when this woman walks into the mailroom. High heels, slim bodied, killer weave, form fitting, low cut, high split dress. A looker for sure. Legs are hairy but I’m not repulsed. What the hell is wrong with me? And why am I in a quandry over this in the 1st place? Am I a victim of the white beauty standard? Or maybe I’’m some kinda horny, neanderthal, fetish dude.

Why don’t some women shave their stems? I’ve noticed this particular lady before and I’ve never seen them hairless. But it’s ok (I guess). This isn’t the 1st time I’ve fallen for a tarantulla woman. But I like ‘em smoothe and hairless too. (Still talking about legs). Does this make me some kinda Bi-something? I’m so confused.

Posted by cricket on 06/07 at 12:50 PM in BloggingPersonalWeirdness

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