1st draft

So yeah,
My name is Toni
thatís toe ñ and knee
just like the most over used
and under appreciated
joints in your body.

What would my great grand mama say
Would she be proud
Of me
My life
What I work for
The values I use like a weapon
The dreams that I dare to keep alive.

I vote
work hard
Frequent the gym,
Take care of mine
And still my head wants
For sleep on a cloud nine

I mean
I can vote
but is my ballot taken seriously,
its just pushed aside
like all the Rosa Parks that came before it.

I can drive my car
As long as I suffer the snide remarks from the
Old boys club
Makes me want to use this Honda like my values

Would she be proud that
That her sacrifice has
earned me a right to work with a greasy sexist pig
that wants to give me a raise
just as long as I take care of his rise
Would she be proud
knowing that I do twice the work
of the leering perverts I work with
would she be proud that I donít attend the gym for health reasons
I need a strippers body just to get noticed, thatís why I have a payment plan for my tits
Shit and without getting noticed Iím just invisible ñ
so whatís best grandma
being devoured by a hungry pack of overpaid school boys or not being seen at all.
Oh shit and donít even get me started about being ìfatî
Thatís a disease now
If your anything but a stick with two cantaloupes glued on youíre an
Since when did having a penis make you an authority, on anything

I love you and I know you sacrificed a lot.
Maybe instead of bras you should have been burniní those jocks.
ëCause from here donít really seem like much has changed
Itís the old BS behind that key and lock.

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