14 year old voters??

I was going to post about the movement to allow 14 year olds the right to vote in CA.  Then I thought that it was too old of a news item to provoke interest.

Then I thought that if 14-17 year olds are allowed to vote, then I am going to write a referendum to DISallow all women with fake teats the right to vote.  I think that if they make poor choices about THEIR OWN BODIES, then there is no way that they should be allowed to vote in a presidential election.  Even if both guys running for president aren’t talking about anything really important.

Wait a minute...maybe the fake teat women would make a better president than a career politician.  At least fake teats are ‘real’.  You can actually touch them to see how they react in the real world, as opposed to some nebulous foreign fiscal tariff social engineering program that some politico somewhere dreamt up while lying about his real intentions.  At least fake teat women (mostly) don’t lie about their teats.

Let me think about this some more. 

Posted by SPN on 06/17 at 12:11 PM in Blogging

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