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*****Award winning filmaker Marco Williams confronts the legacy of ‘banishments’ in some of the whitest counties in America*****

*****’Banished’ is a documentary about--banishments--- a wave of racial purgings that tore through the South 100 years ago*****

*****’Banished’ opens the wounds of history and confronts the issue of reparations*****


53 East 11th Street (Between B,Way & University)

DATE: Monday, January 28, 2008

TIME: 6:00-10:00PM




Suggested Donation $10. (No one will be turned away)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nooses aren’t cool.

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For Those Who Don’t REALLY Know Guiliani’s Record as Mayor

Crossing Giuliani often had a price
While in office, Republican’s toughness edged toward ruthlessness

By Michael Powell and Russ Buettner
The New York Times
updated 5:59 a.m. MT, Tues., Jan. 22, 2008
Rudolph W. Giuliani likens himself to a boxer who never takes a punch without swinging back. As mayor, he made the vengeful roundhouse an instrument of government, clipping anyone who crossed him.

In August 1997, James Schillaci, a rough-hewn chauffeur from the Bronx, dialed Mayor Giuliani’s radio program on WABC-AM to complain about a red-light sting run by the police near the Bronx Zoo. When the call yielded no results, Mr. Schillaci turned to The Daily News, which then ran a photo of the red light and this front page headline: “GOTCHA!”

That morning, police officers appeared on Mr. Schillaci’s doorstep. What are you going to do, Mr. Schillaci asked, arrest me? He was joking, but the officers were not.

They slapped on handcuffs and took him to court on a 13-year-old traffic warrant. A judge threw out the charge. A police spokeswoman later read Mr. Schillaci’s decades-old criminal rap sheet to a reporter for The Daily News, a move of questionable legality because the state restricts how such information is released. She said, falsely, that he had been convicted of sodomy.

Then Mr. Giuliani took up the cudgel.

“Mr. Schillaci was posing as an altruistic whistle-blower,” the mayor told reporters at the time. “Maybe he’s dishonest enough to lie about police officers.”

Mr. Schillaci suffered an emotional breakdown, was briefly hospitalized and later received a $290,000 legal settlement from the city. “It really damaged me,” said Mr. Schillaci, now 60, massaging his face with thick hands. “I thought I was doing something good for once, my civic duty and all. Then he steps on me.”

Mr. Giuliani was a pugilist in a city of political brawlers. But far more than his predecessors, historians and politicians say, his toughness edged toward ruthlessness and became a defining aspect of his mayoralty. One result: New York City spent at least $7 million in settling civil rights lawsuits and paying retaliatory damages during the Giuliani years. 

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Obama takes on question of his Christianity

This is just sickening to me.  The last thing I care about is the religious preference of a person because what comes out of their mouth is less important than how they carry themselves.  I know many people that consider themselves members of religions that act as if GOD doesn’t exist.  They belittle others and act like heathens.

Who cares if Obama is a Muslim, Christian or whatever?  No religion has a patent on good behavior.  It is really sad that people choose to stoop to these sort of tactics.  Regardless if he is Muslim, Christian, or Atheist, if he pledges to support the Constitution then he should be trusted to do that.  Hell, we trusted Christian George W. Bush to do it and look where we are now.  Do you actually think that Bush’s version of Christian vows are supportive to the cause of Christianity.  Is Bush a good ambassador for converting people to Christianity?  I don’t think so.  Let’s keep religion out of politics.  Or, better yet, let’s all be good Americans and let people choose their own religion without proselytizing or berating a person if they choose something different than you do. 


By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer Mon Jan 21, 7:22 AM ET

Barack Obama is stepping up his effort to correct the misconception that he’s a Muslim now that the presidential campaign has hit the Bible Belt.

At a rally to kick off a weeklong campaign for the South Carolina primary, Obama tried to set the record straight from an attack circulating widely on the Internet that is designed to play into prejudices against Muslims and fears of terrorism.

“I’ve been to the same church — the same Christian church — for almost 20 years,” Obama said, stressing the word Christian and drawing cheers from the faithful in reply. “I was sworn in with my hand on the family Bible. Whenever I’m in the United States Senate, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. So if you get some silly e-mail ... send it back to whoever sent it and tell them this is all crazy. Educate.”

Obama is referring to a debunked chain e-mail circulating widely on the Internet that suggests he is hiding his Islamic roots and may be a terrorist in disguise. It says he was sworn into the Senate on the Quran and turns his back on the flag during the pledge.

There are some truths in the e-mail’s details. Obama’s middle name is Hussein. His father and stepfather were Muslim. And he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, a largely Muslim country. But he attended secular and Catholic schools, not a radical madrassa.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

That Didn’t Take Long - Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds Split

For Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, there was no middle ground to be found between two weeks and “until death do us part.” On Wednesday, the not-yet-legally bound newlyweds stopped just short of confirming a People report that they had decided to part ways after pledging their eternal troth in an extravagant if “symbolic” ceremony in Bora Bora on Jan. 1.

So, what prompted Murphy and Edmonds, who began dating in October 2006 and became engaged in July 2007, to nix their planned domestic (and binding) nuptials in favor of remaining, as they put it, “friends”? 
Video: What made Eddie and Tracey say ‘I don’t?’

According to the magazine, cracks started forming shortly after they swapped vows beneath a gazebo decorated with 6,000 seashells.

“Eddie started yelling at Tracey in front of people,” blabs one of the bride’s wedding guests. “He did it on a few occasions and it was very embarrassing.”

In Touch, meanwhile, believes tensions hit critical mass earlier this week when they had a “big blowout.”

“It was ugly,” purports a “pal close to the couple.”

The insider blames Murphy’s “controlling” behavior for the rift, alleging he “insisted” that Edmonds take his name, something she supposedly didn’t want to do because she shares the surname with her two sons (with ex-husband Babyface).

Hard to believe that it was just one People issue ago that the Scary Spice-ditching star was swooning over how lucky in love he was.

“She’s not lacking one good thing,” he gushed of Edmonds. “She’s the whole package.”

Eddie even admitted to tearing up as she walked down the aisle, a journey she made barefoot and surrounded by tiki torches.

Rhapsodized Murphy, “She was so beautiful—I was crying, and I’m not a crier!”

No word on whether Edmonds will keep the 13.69-carat yellow diamond engagement ring that until recently was weighing down her finger. 

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Bobby Fischer, First U.S. World Chess Champion, Dies

Jan. 18 (Bloomberg)—Bobby Fischer, the first U.S.-born chess player to become world champion, died yesterday in Iceland of an unspecified illness, the country’s national radio said. He was 64, and had lived in secrecy and obscurity for decades.

Born in Chicago and raised in New York, Fischer became the youngest U.S. national champion by age 14 and a grandmaster a year later. In 1972, he defeated Russian champion Boris Spassky in a world championship match in Iceland at the height of the Cold War. The game became known as the ``match of the century’’ and his win was a monumental event in a century which saw the sport dominated by Soviet players.

He was the greatest U.S. chess player. ``The gap between Mr. Fischer and his contemporaries was the largest ever,’’ fellow grandmaster Garry Kasparov wrote in the Wall Street Journal in 2004.

Fischer was known for unpredictable tactics at the board, keeping opponents guessing by rarely repeating specific opening strategies during matches, and displaying a genius for attack. He had a reputation for eccentricity and petulance that matched his talents. During the 1972 Spassky match, he constantly demanded changes to tournament conditions and provisions for the players.

Fischer’s victory was followed by two decades of withdrawal from competitive play and he lived as a recluse. The first challenger to his title was Russian Anatoly Karpov in 1975. Fischer eventually boycotted the match, and he lost his title without making a single move. It was his last competitive game for almost 20 years.

Second Spassky Match

In 1992, Fischer emerged for a re-match with Spassky in Yugoslavia. He won the match, taking some $3.5 million in prize money. The U.S. government issued a warrant for his arrest for taking part in the competition, claiming he violated United Nations sanctions against the country. By then, a split in chess authorities meant Kasparov was widely recognized as world champion, although Fischer objected.

Spassky was ``very sorry’’ to hear of former opponent’s death, he told the New York Times from France.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bob Johnson - the Apology

“I’m writing to apologize to you and your family personally for the un-called-for comments I made at a recent Clinton event,” Johnson said in a statement. “In my zeal to support Senator Clinton, I made some very inappropriate remarks for which I am truly sorry. I hope that you will accept this apology. Good luck on the campaign trail.” --Johnson’s comments support the view everybody with a brain knew he was referring to in his attack on Obama this past Sunday.

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IBFF is hosting John Sayles’ provocative new film “HoneyDripper” starring Danny Glover

IBFF Members and Supporters:

the IBFF is hosting screenings of John Sayles provocative new film “HoneyDripper” starring Danny Glover @Cinema Village located on 12th Street between University & 5th Avenue this (1/17-1/20/08) Thursday @7:15pm Friday @ 7:15pm Saturday @7:15pm and Sunday @1:50pm and 7:15pm.

The film is set in rural Alabama during the 1950’s and has a stellar cast that includes Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Stacy Keach and others.

HoneyDripper contains the uplifting and informative messages that are the hallmark of the IBFF and we urge you to join us at the cinema this weekend.


Allen C. Dawson

Director, IBFF

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

FDA Announces That Food From Clones Is Safe To Eat

Agency Concludes that Meat and Milk from Clones of Cattle, Swine, and Goats, and the Offspring of All Clones, are as Safe to Eat as Food from Conventionally Bred Animals

After years of detailed study and analysis, the Food and Drug Administration has concluded that meat and milk from clones of cattle, swine, and goats, and the offspring of clones from any species traditionally consumed as food, are as safe to eat as food from conventionally bred animals. There was insufficient information for the agency to reach a conclusion on the safety of food from clones of other animal species, such as sheep.  FDA today issued three documents on animal cloning outlining the agency’s regulatory approach – a risk assessment; a risk management plan; and guidance for industry.  The documents were originally released in draft form in December 2006. Since that time, the risk assessment has been updated to include new scientific information. That new information reinforces the food safety conclusions of the drafts.  In 2001, U.S. producers agreed to refrain from introducing meat or milk from clones or their progeny into the food supply until FDA could further evaluate the issue. 

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The new Apple Macbook Air.  The world’s thinnest laptop.

How can you deny the beauty of this thing?  I know that this isn’t the first solid state laptop on the market, but it is the first one I’d seriously consider buying.  I only wish that it had built-in ethernet.  I guess that’s one of the breaks.  Watch the ad and be prepared to want it.

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