Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is Michael Richards a racist?

Maybe he was just misunderstood.  You decide.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Interesting article on dog ownership

FOR the last 20 years, New York City parks without designated dog runs have permitted dogs to be off-leash from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. Because of recent complaints from the Juniper Park Civic Association in Queens, the issue has been revisited. On Dec. 5, the Board of Health will vote on the future of off-leash hours.
Retrievers in elevators, Pomeranians on No. 6 trains, bull mastiffs crossing the Brooklyn Bridge ... it is easy to forget just how strange it is that dogs live in New York in the first place. It is about as unlikely a place for dogs as one could imagine, and yet 1.4 million of them are among us. Why do we keep them in our apartments and houses, always at some expense and inconvenience? Is it even possible, in a city, to provide a good life for a dog, and what is a “good life?” Does the health board’s vote matter in ways other than the most obvious?

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Darfur children dragged from mothers and shot

The Sunday Times November 19, 2006

WHEN the fighters came, the mothers of Jebel Maun could not protect their children. Screaming toddlers were ripped from their grasp and shot; older children who tried to save their brothers and sisters were hunted down. “Four children escaped in a group and ran under a tree for protection. An attacker came and shot at them, killing one of the children,” said a witness in an account to United Nations staff.

Another group, aged five, seven and nine, tried to run away. The five-year-old fell down and was shot dead. Another boy stopped and told the attacker: “You killed this child. Please let me go.” It was no use. He too was killed, one of more than 20 children who died that day.

Local people in the Darfur region of Sudan put the number of dead in the attack earlier this month at 63, mostly old men and children. The African Union, which has a peacekeeping force in Darfur, said 92 people died in the eight villages attacked. “They took the babies and children from their mothers’ arms, beat the women and shot the children,” said one witness, Adam Gamer Umar. “They said, ‘We’re killing your sons and when you have more we will come and kill them too’.” Mariam Abakr Yehya’s three-year-old was one of those killed. “They said they would kill this one next time,” she said, referring to the baby boy in her arms.

Details of the latest massacres emerged as a deal was brokered last week by Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general, for a “hybrid force” of African Union troops with logistical support from the UN. However, there was no agreement on the timing or mandate of this force and the Sudanese government has continued to resist calls for 20,000 UN peacekeepers to replace a relatively ineffective African Union force of 7,000. 

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Darfur Army

Why can’t we create an armed force of African peoples from all over the Diaspora going into Sudan and kicking the Jinjaweed and the corrupt Sudanese government out?  Everytime I read or see something on tv about the deliberate genocide of the Black Africans by the Arab Africans, my blood boils.  I am normally a very non-violent person but frankly I want to kick some butt.  If the rest of the world community is not willing to help the people in Darfut, why don’t we go ahead and do it ourselves?

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Old school

I’m supposed to be inspired by women my age who run marathons and go back to college, but I’m too tired to be young. It’s too much work.

By Debra J. Dickerson in Salon Magazine Hilarious!  But then I’m right there with Ms. Dickerson.  I can truly relate.

Nov. 13, 2006 | Once I turned 47 last year, I contemplated moving every few months so that the AARP storm troopers won’t be able to sucker punch me with one of their unavoidable membership packages and assign me my very own congressperson to stalk about Social Security and hip replacement coverage. But I’m thinking now that I’ll just pull up a nice rocking chair in the shade and let the wrinkled bastards find me. I’m too tired to be young anymore. It’s just too much damn work.

Young people complain about the stranglehold we boomers have on the culture. But being forced to wait until our narcissistic parade passes by isn’t half as hard as being forced to march in it, let me tell you. Every month, More, America’s only magazine for “mature” women, is chock full of estrogen-fed Amazons in their 50s and 60s who can not only still fit into their Priscilla Presley knockoff wedding dresses but, two husbands later, are still friendly with the fool they married while they were wearing them. I stopped speaking to my husband before the reception was over. I was 40. We have two kids. I didn’t fit into my dress during the ceremony.

I’m supposed to be inspired by the free spirits of women my age who are joyfully running their first marathons, getting Ph.D.s in Klingon studies, starting wineries in the Loire Valley or rebelliously letting their hair go gray. But if they were really like me, they still wouldn’t know what to do with their hair, whatever its color, or even have a favorite brand of pantyhose yet. It’s doubtful, too, that like me they’re still getting most of their sustenance in the candy aisle at CVS.

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Gas Prices Rising!  How soon before it’s $3, again?

I never believed that crap that gas prices weren’t decreasing because of the election—so much inventory, no hurricanes, etc.  Since the election gas has risen 6 cents in one week.  Are other parts of the country experiencing the same or is it just New Mexico?  If the oil companies are going to gouge us, stop the subsidies and tax breaks. 

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SPN - Are we our own echo chamber out here?

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Gerald Levert Dead at Age 40 from heart attack!

Why? How did that happen?

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

‘60 Minutes’ correspondent Ed Bradley dies at 65 of leukemia

A man I thought was both classy and good-looking has died today.  He will be missed.

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George Allen to Concede

I feel all giddy inside because the darkness has started to lift.  It has been pretty dark in this country since Nov. 7, 2000.  I hope that Nov. 4, 2008 is the final chapter of a very dark time in US history.  I think I’ll put on my dancing shoes now that we’ve gotten in the end zone!

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