Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ecumenical wedding has lessons for today

In the car on the way to my daughter’s wedding I realized I had forgotten a scarf.

I was sitting in the back seat between the bride and the groom. My husband was driving, and my ex-husband, father of the bride, was in the passenger seat.

My daughter immediately picked up her cell phone.

“Sarah?” she said. “My mom forgot her scarf. Can you bring one?” She turned to me. “She wants to know what color?”

We met Sarah and her husband in the parking lot of the mosque. She handed me a piece of beautiful ivory silk with delicate stitching of flowers. The colors were perfect.

On her way to her car, a woman in a traditional long dress, her head covered, heard we were having a wedding. She cried out congratulations and hugged the bride, Sarah, me.

We all introduced each other.

“I’m the Jew,” said the father of the bride, who had flown in from New York.

She laughed. “Oh, good, we can duck behind cars and throw rocks at each other!”

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Excuse me!! Has anyone else had a missing child during these past weeks?

We’d like to hear about them.  Just commandeer some airtime from your local cable company and saturate the airwaves.  Thank you.


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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sharpton Slams Blacks for Blindly Supporting Clinton, Democrats

Yeah, whatever man. How convenient for you to “Bill Bash” NOW!

Sharpton, during his remarks at the National Urban League’s annual conference in Washington, noted that his fellow Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton, have taken African-American voters for granted and failed to act in the best interests of the black community.

“The whole network of incarceration (of African-American men) happened under this president and the last president. So it wasn’t just George Bush. Bill Clinton—I wish Hillary had hung around—Bill Clinton built a lot of jails and passed the omnibus crime bill,” Sharpton said shortly after Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) had addressed the same panel discussion, entitled “The Black Male: Endangered Species or Hope for the Future?”

Sharpton noted that African-American men make up 6 percent of the U.S. population but 44 percent of the nation’s prison population.

“And just because Bill can sing “Amazing Grace” well doesn’t mean the omnibus crime bill was not a bill that hurt our people,” Sharpton told the several hundred people gathered at the Washington Convention Center.

“We must stop allowing people to gain politically from us if they’re not reciprocating when dealing and being held accountable,” said Sharpton, referring to the allegiance that African-American voters maintain to the Democratic Party.

Sharpton said many politicians who court the black vote “come by and get our votes ‘cause they wave at us on Sunday morning while the choir’s singing. And we act like that is reaching out.”

The problem is these same politicians “never addressed why they sit here in Washington with an epidemic proportion of HIV AIDS in our (black) community, unemployment in our community and they do nothing to deal with eliminating those problems,” Sharpton explained.

“As long as we allow people to get elected off of us and deliver nothing to us, then part of our problem is that we have such low political self esteem,” he said. “Every time we give them support for no support, we add to the marginalization of black men.”

Sharpton said the situation has “gotten so bad that we hold black leaders accountable and give white leaders a pass.”

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I hate people from out of town.

I started acting and sounding like an old grumpy geezer today.  People were driving recklessly in town today.  Some were doing U-turns in the street with traffic.  Some were ignoring stop lights.  It was after the third illegal traffic maneuver that I realized that all of the cars doing this crazy driving were from New York or Pennsylvania.

Let me correct my title.

I hate people from New York and Pennsylvania that come to the town I live in and make a mockery of the tightly-knit, traffic-law-abiding community we have here while blatantly ignoring our clearly posted traffic signs and lights.

Thank you.
Go back home and leave the Jersey shore to the full-time professionals!

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Mom abandons child on the Beltway

FAIRFAX, Va.—A Newport News woman has been ordered held without bond after allegedly abandoning her child on the Capital Beltway.

Channoah Green, 22, faces two felony charges. They include reckless endangerment of a child and failure to render aid at the scene of an accident.

Police say Green struck the 4-year-old boy with her car when he tried to get back into the vehicle.

“Based on what he told us, his mother was upset with him. She put the child out. He attempted to get back into the vehicle as she was driving off and was knocked to the ground,” said Virginia State Police Sgt. J.L. Doss.

Authorities said the child was taken to the hospital and treated for cuts and bruises and then turned over to Fairfax County Child Protective Services.

Green appeared for arraignment in Fairfax County’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Friday morning. A judge told her a public defender would be appointed to represent her. She also set an Aug. 26 court date for her trial.

If convicted, she faces a possible prison sentence on each of the two counts.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Man Forced to Wear Sign for Animal Cruelty

This is a little creative, but perhaps quite effective for some people...........

Jul 22, 8:26 PM (ET)

HOPWOOD, Pa. (AP) - A western Pennsylvania man said he endured more than he expected when he agreed to an unusual sentence for an animal cruelty conviction.

Ulysses Zimmerman, 22, of Point Marion, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty for allegedly neglecting his dog, denying it veterinary care and strangling the animal.

But Zimmerman didn’t pay a fine or spend time in jail. Instead, he stood at a busy intersection in South Union Township Thursday, wearing a sign that read, “I Plead Guilty ... Animal Cruelty is a Crime ... My Dog’s Name WAS Salt and Pepper.”

Zimmerman was supposed to stand at the intersection for eight hours, but Robin Moore, the Fayette County Humane officer who devised the sentence, allowed Zimmerman to leave early because of all the abuse passing motorists hurled at him.

“Everybody started screaming at me and cussing me. I got there at 9:30 a.m., but Robin said at noon that she’d heard enough and that I could leave,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman denies he intentionally hurt his pet.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

With the current heat wave…

...I’d like to know how my cousins are doing in AZ.

We’ve got 95+ degree temperatures here in south Jersey.  That coupled with 90% humidity makes things dangerous.  Sofar we haven’t had any requests from the power company to scale things back.  Luckily, most of this area is wooded so we have a lot of natural cooling going on.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why is this such a cause for discussion?

Ancient phallus unearthed in cave. You don’t hear about 10,000 year old holes in the ground being hailed as a sexual aid.  What is with this fixation we have with items like this?

A sculpted and polished phallus found in a German cave is among the earliest representations of male sexuality ever uncovered, researchers say.

The 20cm-long, 3cm-wide stone object, which is dated to be about 28,000 years old, was buried in the famous Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in the Swabian Jura.

The prehistoric “tool” was reassembled from 14 fragments of siltstone.

Its life size suggests it may well have been used as a sex aid by its Ice Age makers, scientists report.

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Any musicians out there with song writing talent and a dog?

In case anyone may be interested....I wish I had the talent for this kind of thing.....a $200,000 home makeover is always a good thing!!!

Cottonelle is offering a
chance to win a $200,000 home makeover by celebrating your dog in song!

1. Write a song about the extraordinary relationship you and your family
with that very special member of the family, your dog.
2. Complete the entry form. Simply enter your information and print out a
copy to submit and a copy for your records.
3. Perform your song. You have two ways to participate:
1) Videotape your performance and mail it in along with your entry

2) Perform live at one of our local auditions. To find out if there’s
an audition being held near you, check back soon, we will be listing the
audition locations on the website soon!
For complete details on this contest, please visit the website at

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Subject:  Fwd: Emergency Personnel Look for ICE in your cell phone

I guess this could be something to think about or worth considering.

A campaign encouraging people to enter an emergency contact number in
their mobile phone’s memory under the heading “ICE” (for “In Case of
Emergency"), has rapidly spread throughout the world as a particular
consequence of last week’s terrorist attacks in London. Originally
established as a nation-wide campaign in the UK, ICE allows paramedics
or police to be able to contact a designated relative / next-of-kin in
an emergency situation.
The idea is the brainchild of East Anglian Ambulance Service paramedic
Bob Brotchie and was launched in May this year. Bob, 41, who has been a
paramedic for 13 years, said: “I was reflecting on some of the calls
I’ve attended at the roadside where I had to look through the mobile
phone contacts struggling for information on a shocked or injured
Almost everyone carries a mobile phone now, and with ICE we’d know immediately who to contact and what number to ring. The person may even know of their medical history.”
By adopting the ICE advice, your mobile will help the rescue services
quickly contact a friend or relative - which could be vital in a life or
death situation. It only takes a few seconds to do, and it could easily
help save your life.
Why not put ICE in your phone now?
Simply select a new contact in your phone book, enter the word ‘ICE’
and the number of the person you wish to be contacted. For more than one
contact name ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc. 

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