Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar on life support

Cintra Wilson writes a hysterical account of the Oscar’s in Salon magazine.  It is an eye watering, lol, gut laugh to read.  I so look forward to her account every year.

Welcome to wartime Academy Awards: Cheap, tense and cobbled together from graphics rations donated by the E! Channel. Not even Chris Rock or Beyonc╚—or the travesty that is Antonio Banderas—can save it
- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Cintra Wilson

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How about free web hosting?

I was thinking about offering some free web hosting.  I wonder how that would work.  If I did offer the free web hosting, I would have to require an image and link back to placed on the free site.  I would offer maybe a 5MB package at a subdomain like “” or “” or something like that.

I wonder if it is worth the bother?

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Did President Bush smoke weed?

He sounded like he did.


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Sunday, February 27, 2005

I had a long talk about this weblog on my way to GA.

I had been thinking about changing the format.  I thought about making this site easier or more interesting.  I changed my mind about putting a lot of work into changing the site because I see very few people making contributions.

Sure, I hear from family and friends that they read the site, but unless contributions are made from everyone the site stagnates.

It is nice to hear that you read the site, but unless you comment on an existing post or (most importantly) create a NEW post, noone (including me) has any idea that you visited.

Nonetheless, I want to thank those of you that contribute by sharing and commenting.
I also want to to thank those of you that read and don’t contribute.

I’m glad that you have taken an effort to come here.  I don’t plan on giving up on the site at this time, but I will focus more effort on my web-hosting business.

Some of you should notice that you have some additional functions available to you if you log into and view your profile.

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Bulldog update

well after the carb adjustment I was finally able to take it for a spin.  I WILL post some photos of the completed (restored) dash in the ‘marrow.  The pressing matter is that the trucks power is amazing enough to suprise the bejesus outa me.  taking the carb rich 12% (im estimating) boosted the power some 50 ponnies(HP) and it shows! if i hold it in low (1st gear) and stomp on it , it will just smoke the tires all day long - if i slam it in to 2nd it will still smoke the tires, get sideways, hook-up and run like a scalded dog.  Imade a half effort run inbetween a city block ( light to light) but with out reving and slaming the doors you know..... i saw the speedo reach 100 mph just before i had to stop at the light now thats some fast shizzel nizzel - and yes SPN Im still putting the blower on it!!!!!  now im thinking i might have to go with much wider back tires (they are allready 14“‘s) hell maybe some slicks he he........ill try and get some action photos too!!

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

out of Cuzco, Peru

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve written!! It’s rainy season here, but actually not raining near as much as it should be.  The sun is flaming hot and it’s hard for this gringa to be in the sun for more than a few minutes! Hard to believe there are snowstorms up on the East Coast! ha, ha, ha!!
There aren’t many tourists, I’m told, in Cuzco at this moment.  That makes it difficult for the street sellers.  A young chap who I’ve known since 2000, sat down on a Plaza bench yesterday with me.  He has a wife and child, is about 23 yrs old and sells music CD’s on the street.  Doesn’t make much of a living, that’s for sure.
I told him I thought he should pay a visit to the Mayor’s office, ALONE, and talk about what it’s like not having work when he has a family.  The chap said, oh, I’ve tried that with a group of street people.  NO, that’s not the idea! There is such a herd mentality here - and it carries absolutely no weight.  I suggested he look for some of his OWN WILL POWER to grapple with going to see the Mayor and asking for work. 
He seemed to understand, tho I do not know what will happen.  I just hope and pray he can find it in himself to STOP accepting the status quo here.  SOMEBODY has to have the courage to stand up and be heard - as an individual with human problems.....may it be so.....bye for now...carmen

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I hope i don’t get reported………

My kids have worked SO hard!  the little one has worked from a d/c average and brought it up to a B!!!!!! and the older one is a steady a/b student but has grown emotionaly and taken on more of a leadership role at school, i though they deserved a “ditch-day”! it was the last that of “track” before they went of for a month so we headed of to the mountains for a fun day in the snow here is the evidence!






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Friday, February 25, 2005

Need help coping?


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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Here’s a late posting.

I wish people would post these things instead of emailing them to me.

June, 1964 heralded the culmination of one of the most significant
political trials of the 20th century. Featuring interviews with the defendants,
this is the untold story of the Rivonia trial that sentenced Nelson Mandela and
six others to life imprisonment for planning to overthrow the rule of the
apartheid government. _Back to top._ Title: African Blood
Director: Roberto Olivares
Dir. of Photography:
Country: Mexico
Genre:  Documentary
Duration: 25 min.
Year: 2004
Screening Time:  Saturday, 2/12, 4:00pm; Monday, 2/21, 4:35pm Mexican
identity is assumed as the fusion between Indigenous and European cultures. The
forgotten element of Mexican identity, African Blood, is explored through
testimonies, reflections and powerful cultural expressions made by our brothers
and sisters who live in the Costa Chica region, in the states of Oaxaca and
Title: Forgotten Roots, The (La Raiz Olvidada)
Director: Rafael Rebollar Corona
Dir. of Photography:
Country: Mexico
Genre:  Documentary
Duration: 50 min.
Year: 2001
Screening Time:  Saturday, 2/12, 4:00pm; Monday, 2/21, 4:35pm
An historical survey of Mexico’s often overlooked African population takes
us from the slavery era to today’s Afro-Mexican communities in Guerrero,
Oaxaca, Campeche, Morelos, and Veracruz. Back by popular request!
The director will be present at this screening.


Contact Information:
Visit PAFF website at [url=][/url]
Daily updates: Telephone: (213) 896-8221 or visit [url=][/url]
Info online at: _ (
Magic Johnson Theatre Box Office: (323) 290-5900
PAFF Gallery:  (323) 295-1706 (StudentFest, group sales and fund-raisers)

All Screenings (except Opening Night), Art Show,
Panels/Workshops, Fashion Shows, Tribute
Magic Johnson Theatres or
Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza
3650 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
(1 block west of Crenshaw and King)
Los Angeles
Ample free parking.

ECO Maya Mission

é─˙Celebrating our culture and protecting our Mother Earth, Connecting the
Environment, Culture and Heritage”,

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Among the believers

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, where rabid Bush-worshippers learn that liberals hate America and that we really did find WMD in Iraq.—Salon Magazine

By Michelle Goldberg

Feb. 19, 2005 | WASHINGTON—It’s a good thing I went to the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. Otherwise I never would have known that, despite the findings of the authoritative David Kay report and every reputable media outlet on earth, the United States actually discovered weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, vindicating all of George W. Bush’s pre-war predictions. The revelation came not from some crank at Free Republic or hustler from Talon News, but from a congressman surrounded by men from the highest echelons of American government. No wonder the attendees all seemed to believe him.

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