Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Screensaver to tie up spammers’ sites.

For those of you that still use screensavers, try this out.

Screensaver to tie up spammers’ sites

Internet users fed up with spam can go on the offensive by downloading a screensaver aimed at hitting junkmailers in the pocket.

The screensaver, called Make Love Not Spam and launched by search engine Lycos, requests data from websites that are mentioned in bulk mailings.

Lycos Europe spokesman Frank Legerland says if thousands of users sign up, the websites’ servers will run at nearly full tilt.

The demand will slow the websites’ response and hike their bandwidth bills, yet derive no income for the accesses.

He says those costs may discourage the sites from hiring email spammers to advertise their wares.

“The aim is for a maximum reduction of 95 per cent in the website’s traffic, not a total shutdown,” Mr Legerland said.

The websites have been chosen from spammers’ blacklists selected by anti-spam watchdogs such as Spamcop.

To make doubly sure there is no mistake, Lycos says it also checks to make sure that the sites are selling spam goods.

A complete shutdown of websites by swamping them with demand - a “distributed denial of service” - could be considered illegal in some jurisdictions.

Some Internet commentators have questioned the Lycos scheme, worrying that it will generate additional megabytes of useless traffic that could strain the Internet’s capacity.

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Lava lamp left on hot stovetop explodes, killing man

How stupid!

Lava lamp left on hot stovetop explodes, killing man

Tuesday, November 30, 2004 Posted: 2:53 AM EST (0753 GMT)

KENT, Washington (AP)—A man who placed a lava lamp on a hot stovetop was killed when it exploded and sent a shard of glass into his heart, police said.

Philip Quinn, 24, was found dead in his trailer home Sunday night by his parents.

“Why on earth he was heating a lava lamp on the stove, we don’t know,” Kent Police spokesman Paul Petersen said Monday.

After the lamp exploded, Quinn apparently stumbled into his bedroom, where he died Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

Police found no evidence of drug or alcohol use

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for people who won’t accept risk responsibility

Blood Boiler -2; Guaranteed to imediatley stop the human life. 

Why live dangerously with all those risky adventures like a flying shrimp at a Benihana resaurant. 

Never worry about car insurance again!

You don’t need that to get you down!  Just a couple of goulps of BB-2 and you’ll never worry about accepting risk again!


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Bush hoping to put some fun into his cabinet


WASHINGTON - President Bush on Monday nominated Carlos Gutierrez, a native of Cuba and now the chief executive officer of Kellogg Co., to be secretary of commerce.  If confirmed by the Senate, Gutierrez would succeed Commerce Secretary Donald Evans, a Texas confidant of Bushís, who announced his resignation shortly after the Nov. 2 election. The president announced his selection at the White House, calling Gutierrez ìa visionary executiveî and ìone of Americaís most respected business leaders.î

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Anybody want to go to the local Japanese restuarant with me?

If you do, I need you to sign this paper first.

Benihana Chef’s Playful Food Toss Blamed for Diner’s Death
Tuesday November 23, 3:00 am ET
Andrew Harris, New York Law Journal

A piece of grilled shrimp flung playfully by a Japanese hibachi chef toward a tableside diner is being blamed for causing the man’s death.

Making a proximate-cause argument, the lawyer for the deceased man’s estate has alleged that the man’s reflexive response—to duck away from the flying food—caused a neck injury that required surgery.

Complications from that first operation necessitated a second procedure. Five months later, Jerry Colaitis of Old Brookville, N.Y., was dead of an illness that his family claims was proximately caused by the injury.

But for the food-flinging incident at the Benihana restaurant in Munsey Park, N.Y., Colaitis would still be alive, attorney Andre Ferenzo asserts.

“They set in motion a sequence of events,” he said.

Alleging wrongful death, Colaitis’ estate is seeking $10 million in damages. The complaint includes claims for pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

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Once again, the indigeneous people are being slaughtered by the European invaders.


Palm Islanders say police are not welcome at the funeral of a man whose death in custody sparked last week’s riot in the north Queensland Indigenous community.

At the same time, a Gulf Aboriginal leader has warned there could be payback unless police drop the charges against those arrested over the riot.

Cameron Doomadgee, 36, was found dead in his cell shortly after being arrested for being a public nuisance.

A second post-mortem examination was carried out on Mr Doomadgee today. The coroner’s office says the results will be provided to his family first and it cannot say when the details will be publicly released.

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Now that’s some strong piss.

Urine may cause bridge to collapse

A landmark bridge in Indonesia’s Sumatra island may collapse because too many people are fond of urinating on one of its steel pillars, a report says.

Public works officials have found that the Ampera bridge, the landmark of Palembang city, has begun to lean on an angle and rocks slightly when traffic is heavy.

The Jakarta Post reports that an official at the public works department in Palembang, Azmi Lakoni, says the bridge has deteriorated because people often took a leak on one of its piers, corroding the structure.

“We are concerned that one of its main support piers has been weakened by urine, as it is a popular spot for locals to relieve themselves,” Mr Lakoni told the newspaper.

He says that the acidic fluid’s corrosive forces could attribute to an eventual collapse of the bridge.

Officials say cargo vehicles weighing more than one tonne would be diverted from the bridge.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Anyody ever heard of Charlie Sifford?

He’s the first black man inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame.




Charlie Sifford
# scorecards and plaque from his 1967 Greater Hartford Open victory
# contestant badge, commemorative medallion and program from his 1969 LA Open win
# trophy representing his United Golf Association (UGA) National Negro Open titles, a tournament he won six times
# first set of contract clubs: 1960 Dunlap Signature
# 1975 Senior PGA Championship trophy
# personal scrapbook and family photos
# a few of his trademark cigars that are a constant fixture in his game

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Here’s more about the MJ case.

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court appeared hesitant Monday to endorse medical marijuana for patients who have a doctor’s recommendation.

Justices are considering whether sick people in 11 states with medical marijuana laws can get around a federal ban on pot.

Paul Clement, the Bush administration’s top court lawyer, noted that California allows people with chronic physical and mental health problems to smoke pot and said that potentially many people are subjecting themselves to health dangers.

“Smoked marijuana really doesn’t have any future in medicine,” he said.

Justice Stephen Breyer said supporters of marijuana for the ill should take their fight to federal drug regulators _ before coming to the Supreme Court, and several justices repeatedly referred to America’s drug addiction problems.

Dozens of people, some with blankets, camped outside the high court to hear justices debate the issue. Groups such as the Drug Free America Foundation fear a government loss will undermine campaigns against addictive drugs.

The high court heard arguments in the case of Angel Raich, who tried dozens of prescription medicines to ease the pain of a brain tumor and other illnesses before she turned to pot.

Supporters of Raich and another ill woman who filed a lawsuit after her California home was raided by federal agents argue that people with the AIDS virus, cancer and other diseases should be able to grow and use marijuana.

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My advise to you is…

… to hide your crack in a better place before calling the cops to your house.

Saturday, November 27, 2004 Posted: 6:03 PM EST (2303 GMT)

NEWARK, New Jersey (AP)—A father’s attempt to teach his daughter a lesson about drinking backfired when the teen led police to a stash of drugs and weapons inside their home.

Kevin Winston, 46, called police at 2:45 a.m. Friday after his 16-year-old daughter came home drunk and unruly. When police arrived, however, the girl told them she feared for her safety because her father stored drugs and weapons in the home.

The girl led officers to a crawl space above the ceiling where they found four semiautomatic guns and more than 600 vials of cocaine.

Winston was charged with numerous weapons and drug charges. His five daughters were placed in the custody of a relative.

“He called us on her and ended up getting locked up himself,” said Newark Police Director Anthony Ambrose.

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