Saturday, November 29, 2003

smoked turkey is diabolical

i’ve been told that my smoked turkey is as sinful as, well some high-up sins ( on the catholic charts).  not to toot my own horn - too late - but ya know our early (pilgrim) pioneers knew the value and benifits of smoking meat.............

you know and once they met the native indians im sure they were introduced to the wonders of smoking meat, fish, and other type thingies.....

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the magic of wine vinegar

the how-2s and what nots

so you want to make some red-wine vinigar to make a sallad dressing.  you dont want to get it at the local 5 and dime or the huge retail giant crushing the mom and pops and really the moms and pops just dont have any sellection so-o-o-o-o-o wha-daya gonna do?  we down martha stewart style without the bi-i-i-i-otch.

so we make our own, here we go

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How many years does it take to cut off your locks?


I read every now and again.  This time he and I shared an experience.  Back when I lived in the ATL (that’s Atlanta, GA for those of you that aren’t ‘down’), I hadn’t chosen a permanent barber yet and was wandering around town with an overgrown head of hair.  I walked into a barbershop in the Omni hotel complex downtown.

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Leftover Turkey Recipes

bbeard, this one is for you.

Curried Turkey Soup
Chopped apple gives this chunky noodle soup a hint of sweetness. It’s a great way to use up that leftover holiday turkey.

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Friday, November 28, 2003

UPS just isn’t working for me!

Should I tell???

Last Friday night I was on my way to practice with the kids, and as I left my job, there was a UPS truck (the short ones) in front of me. As we drove along, I notice what looked like his trailer was open and the packages were about to come off at any second. Because we have had numerous problem with UPS (not enough to stop all dealings w/ them, I guess) I was very adament about not turning off, but staying behind this truck. And true to form, as we continued to drive, I begin to see packages falling from the truck!! Not only was I upset, but I pulled my car over to pick them up and for several reasons:
1) It’s the company that puts bread on my table
2) One of the packages could have belonged to one of my clients( not one but both did!!) and Lord knows I get so tired of answering phone calls that concern “UPS DID NOT DELIVER MY PACKAGE!!” or “ WHEN MY PACKAGE WAS DELIVERED BY UPS, ALL MATERIAL WAS JACKED TO HELL AND i CAN NOT USE THIS FOR MY MEETING!!!!”

I mean how many times can you apologize to your client, before you start to look as if IDIOT is permenantly tatooed on your forehead??

So got the packages out of the street and continued driving , saw the driver who had pulled over and thought I should drive by and not give him anything, but drive back to my job and show them just how incompetent UPS has become. However as I got closer and looked in his face, I couldn’t do it. I thought of all sort of things happening after I decided to take the route of sharing the information I have with my employer. So I got out of my car, lectured the guy on how he should be more careful, because not only could this be his JOB, but mine as well if the packages never made it to there destination. And went to my practice that I was now late for!!

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the wonders of fire

smoked the turkey

well t-day went off without a hitch for the most part.  despite the children having taken all evening to clean a bathroom ( to help) rather than finishing and helping to trim the tree and so-forth.

so this year our first holiday together i decided to smoke a turkey.  a great big 22.0364 lb turkey.  so i got up in the morning and started the bbq first thing.  see to smoke you must use a wood fire in a smoke pit type bbq, and i have foud the best way to get that wood burning is to through it on the top of red-hot regular bbq coals.  so the ‘q is going and im inside hacking and wacking at the turkey carcase.  ~see you need to cut it in half and place it skin side up when you smoke; this prevents the tukey from dying out.  so i made a nice holiday rub for the truket that consited of sugar, cinnamon, garlic pultry seasoning, seasoning salt, and just a hint of paparika.  for the mop i added some white wine red wine vinagar (from a nice cab) some water and maple syrup.

so anyway the turkey was a big hit for the folks that we invited over and mother in law.
now it seems we will be a having a variety of turkey based meals for the nest 2 months.
turkey soup, turkey chili, smoked turkey quesadilas, turkey quiche, turkey pot pie, smothered turkey, and turkey pizza.

hope everyones day was memorable

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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Please call or send me an email.

I’m at work right now.

I will be at work tomorrow too.

I will be at work Friday.

I will be at work Saturday.

I will be at work Sunday.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Or whatever you call it.

Let’s be thankful that the progeny of those pilgrims had the forsight to to attempt to exterminate the natives instead of living in harmony with them. 

It would have been too difficult to continue to live in relative peace than to kill those that helped you make it through the harsh seasons.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

christmas lights

ok now i didn’t fall off the ladder exactly.....and I’ve learned that stapling up the lights work the best - regardless of what the wife says.

so its that time of year and you all know whats coming.  the mans (husbands) duty to rig up the badword christmas lights.  now i love looking at christmas lights- really! and i think done moderatley they can be beautiful and add to the spirit of the winter-solstice/kawanza/new year/ christmas/ etc etc.

so i thought i would be clever this year and rig them up with small plastic tabs i can leave up year round and just hang the lights - take ‘em down and re hang them from the fixture next year.... ok so the stapler splits the plastic so thats out and it sucks anyway cause you cant get them tight, so i think - badword ill just staple them up like i always do and if they dont like how the lights are hung they can do...(blah, blah,blah) ok so your with me right?

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Somebody’s gonna get it.

Hmmm, I wonder who it will be.

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