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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Movie Review “Fat Albert”

Something of a surprise for me at least.  Going to this expecting not much mor than a poke in the bum turned in to a warm and inspiring story of strength and ispiration.  A good look-see for youngsterers with a short-step for self esteeme!  A nice story line on the “Fat Albert” cartoon series we all grew up on years ago. Hey Hey Hey!  Nice family Flick
4 out of 6 stars

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

movie Review “Taxi”

I love Queen Latifa, we share alot of the same game for the old school of kickin it down with the HP! For REAL!  So about the film.  Well The taxi was uhm cool I guess but you can’t connect and disconnect a blower by a switch, brakes too for that matter but I’m sure the movie producers weren’t counting on the audience being mechanically savy on street performance
(WRONG) thats why it flopped at the box.  One thing I do have to say The Queen held this movie together the whole way through with natural acting and quips of humor andimproptu but you could tell the producer was tellen her to tune it down...... This movie would have been a “Jimmy Hoffa” with out her playing the character she did.  Some great car chase scenes super model skin ( if your into that) all in all Romanian super models rob banks hold a trash mans mother hostage so he coorperates to make the pickups for them, street chases stupid bafoonish NYPD cops.  I’d really like to rate it higher b/c of The Queens performancebut I must give it a (coulda used alot more flava)
2.5 out of 6 stars

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

movie review “ Shall we Dance?”

An all star cast of Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, and our fave ; J-Lo.(Jennifer Lopez).  Well I must say Richard Still has it and it’s very easy to see why J-LO became such an instant success on the silver screen.  This flim is a heartbeat of of a man that is determined to find his inner self, a man that is determined to ignight not only himself but inspire and ignite his marriage, children and the people that surround his daily life.  A wonderfully successful film with some very comedic moments spinning around a local dance studio off the “L” train
5 out of 6 stars

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Movie review “25th hour”

I found this to be an excellent fictional movie.  It surrounds the 25 hours leading up to a convicted drug dealers incarceration.  His last hours of freedom are chronicled with his last attempts to cement his relationships with his friends, his girlfriend and his father.

The movie doesn’t glamorize the common vices in today’s movies (sex, drugs, violence).  Athough there are two displays of violence they are crucial to the character’s development.

This is another movie where the viewer is tasked with deciding if the bad guy in the movie is actually as bad as the characters in the movie make him out to be.  I say he is a good guy that made some bad mistakes.  He will learn from this experience and be a better man.

Although it is a Spike Lee film, I was surprised that there weren’t any central black characters or actors.  There are a few Spike Leeisms in the film that make sure that the viewer knows whose fingerprints are on the film, the running racist monologue when the protagonist is venting his anger about his own situation and the full face dolly tracking of several characters in the nightclub scenes.

Out of six stars, I say five.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

movie review “Blessed”

Ok now here is a film that raise the question about infertility treatment in a different way.  It makes man the deamon and i tend to agree with that line of theary.  A couple seeks ifertillty assitanc froma company that is well known and becomes pregant.  Unknbeknwnst to them they are carrying the secret of the appocalyps; The Devils young.  This company has secretly made it their ernest work to find a secret vile containing the last bit of Lucifers blood.  Well and then the story goes.  Upon treatment the blood is then injected into unknwing Mrs. “X” and out pops Demond Spawn.  For a thriller this actually builds nicley to the end giving tid bits here and there as to what the matter might be and small clues to the ending.
3 out of 6 stars.

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Movie review “Flight of the Pheonix”

The flim takes place i the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.  After a horrific plan crash durring a sand storm the crew and pasengers rall together ) monster garage style) to great a beast of a flying contraption that will sail them to saftey; all the while moraders, storms, and thirst create a ballance of life and death thriller that is sure to captivate that holds an IQ below the base line of 80 (ouch!) lots of ego and “macheezzee-mo”! I’m surprised that they got Denise Quaid and Miranda Otto to play in it.

2 Out of 6 Stars

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

New movie review “Around the Bend”

Four generations of an American family are brought together by difficult circumstances while facing some unpleasant truths in this film. Henry is an elderly man in failing health living in a small town in the Southwest, where he’s cared for by his live-in nurse . As Henry’s condition grows worse, he’s joined by his son Turner , his grandson Jason , and his great-grandson Zach. As the four men deal with Henry’s illness, they also try to come to terms with a lifetime’s worth of differences between them.  His death and final wishes send them on a road trip bringing them together in truth and bond.  Through one KFC around the country- wierd twist.  Around the bend gives a perspective of what life can become if given the time to be become undone; when the action has failed the call of duty these consequences are exploited in this tender film.
4 out of six stars

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Movie Review “Resident Evil”

Well lets start with the low budget B movie, bad script that seemed as though it were written by a 1oth grade flunk-ee

This film takes places in what seems to be a high teck 80’s typeenviornment.  There are lots of hungry zombie corps’ just waitig to take a bite out of you.  And of course peopl fighting over the safe zone rather than banding together to make it even safe for eachother.  Despite my dislike of this movie i will be ultra generous and give it a .5 star out of 6

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Movie Review “The Grudge”

The Grudge takes place in Japan, where a housewife’s secrete crush on a professor turns into a fullblown obsession, neglecting her little boy and familly just to be near him for short periods of time as an anonomious shadow.  The husband finds out and wamo-blamo rage find the mark and violence ends three lives, four if you count the proffessor the following morning.  He has fallen under the curse of the grudge.  3 years later an American familly move into the very house where thi happend and unknwingly settle in for the ride of their lives.  A well put together thriller.  Some nice natural acting and dialog.  Not you typical haunting type story 4 out of 6 stars

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Friday, March 18, 2005

movie review “the incredibles”

Nice family film and great 3d rendering art.  Takes a look at current life problems at trying to find a niche at fitting in some where.  Touches on some adult issues and fears.  Makes a very big focus on how strong a family can be when they work together. nice entertainment. 3.5 out of 6 stars

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